Monday, 12 January 2009

Jewelery challenge #1

I've made this necklace,which I adore for Sarah's (Tiggertastic on crafts beautiful forum) new jewelery challenge blog. She challenged everyone to create a piece of jewelery with their favourite colour. Purple is my favourite colour and this necklace was beads added onto wire and wrapped round a circle of thicker wire and then added to a silver chain.


Heather said...

Just gorgeous! x

tiggertastic said...

Debbie this is stunning, what a fantastic make, i love the wire wrapping you have done and the different beads you have used. This is something i could see myself wearing very inspiring work.

thanks for taking part in the challenge

Sarah x

Aims said...

Beautiful necklace, I love the colours and it is such a unique style! Fab all round :)

Aims x

julietk said...

That's Fab :D Juliet

Louby said...

Wow - that's gorgeous. I have dabbled in jewellery making but never quite got to grips with it.
Purple is my favourite colour also. Love the necklace.
Louby x

torpenhow07 said...

Lovely necklace, and very unique