Friday, 20 February 2009

Obssesseion lol!

Ok so most of my family (definately my sister) would tell you I have an unhealthy obsession with "The twilight saga". I ve finished all 4 books, watched the film, and downloaded the album so whilst searching for more info I came across this forum and laughed my socks off!!! I thought it was just me but apparently there are other people like me called "Twilight moms" ha ha!
See so it is normal!!

Don't forget to pop on over to the jewellery challenge blog for this weeks challenge!

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Jewellery challenge #4

Well its time for jewellery challenge #4 over on the jewellery challenge blog and the guest designer this time is... me!!!
I was honored when Sarah asked me to join in so thank you very much!
The challenge I set was to produce something which used handmade beads (or natural ones like wood or lamp work etc)
I chose to use fimo and made several items. This pendant is made by mixing black and white fimo together, rolling out and impressing a stamp into it to produce the image in the fimo. The rounded beads use the fimo I cut from around the pendant.

I added purple glass beads to molded fimo beads to create this bag charm.

And for this one (which my daughter has her eye on!) I molded round black and white beads from fimo and them made tiny round beads to add to the sides to make them look like lamp worked beads. I then strung them together on stretchy nylon to make a bracelet.
I found a cool site here for making pod beads.
Also if you google you can find loads of tutorials on making fimo and paper beads, some of them are stunning!
Thanks Sarah for asking me to set this challenge.

Friday, 13 February 2009

I'm sad : (

One of my colleagues at work has left today for a new job and teacher training. Going to really miss her but I'm sure that she will make a fab and super teacher so all the best to her!
Made this "take along tote" (template by Lauren Meader available through papertrey ink) for her using my new pink cat studio stamps- kiki kitty. I've used my polychromos to colour and remembered how great they are!
Loving these templates and there are 2 new ones to download after 15th. Can't wait for that.
Anyway must dash as DH is pestering me to go to bed. No book to read tonight as I've now finished number 2 in the twilight saga (New moon) and therefore I will be off to WHSmith in the morning to collect nos. 3and 4. Just love that I have discovered reading again although I can't put the damn things down resulting in lack of sleep lol!
Nite x

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Jewellery challenge #3

Over on the jewellery challenge blog its all about the colour red or hearts. I've made a bookmark.. theres no hearts but lot of red yummy beads... love it! Thanks Jenny for this challenge :)

Monday, 2 February 2009


I Can't remember the last time we had snow like this! I'm not sure if Jamie has ever played in snow this deep. We were all in school today (A crime if ever there was one! I think schools should all close when it snows like this especially as we don't get it that often)
So when we came home we were straight outside for snowball fights and snowman building!
Even Ollie had a great time helping dad to build our snowman. We played out till it was nearly dark.

And here is our snowman!! He's just fab!

I have been tagged by Louby about the sixth photo thing, I've only got these on my pc at the mo so hope thats ok.
Fingers crossed for school being closed tomorrow!!