Monday, 2 February 2009


I Can't remember the last time we had snow like this! I'm not sure if Jamie has ever played in snow this deep. We were all in school today (A crime if ever there was one! I think schools should all close when it snows like this especially as we don't get it that often)
So when we came home we were straight outside for snowball fights and snowman building!
Even Ollie had a great time helping dad to build our snowman. We played out till it was nearly dark.

And here is our snowman!! He's just fab!

I have been tagged by Louby about the sixth photo thing, I've only got these on my pc at the mo so hope thats ok.
Fingers crossed for school being closed tomorrow!!


craft mad Jenny said...

wow - we had snow, but not as much as you!! maybe tomorrow ...

Louby said...

Fab, round snowman. Love it he looks very jolly.
louby x