Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Jewellery challenge #4

Well its time for jewellery challenge #4 over on the jewellery challenge blog and the guest designer this time is... me!!!
I was honored when Sarah asked me to join in so thank you very much!
The challenge I set was to produce something which used handmade beads (or natural ones like wood or lamp work etc)
I chose to use fimo and made several items. This pendant is made by mixing black and white fimo together, rolling out and impressing a stamp into it to produce the image in the fimo. The rounded beads use the fimo I cut from around the pendant.

I added purple glass beads to molded fimo beads to create this bag charm.

And for this one (which my daughter has her eye on!) I molded round black and white beads from fimo and them made tiny round beads to add to the sides to make them look like lamp worked beads. I then strung them together on stretchy nylon to make a bracelet.
I found a cool site here for making pod beads.
Also if you google you can find loads of tutorials on making fimo and paper beads, some of them are stunning!
Thanks Sarah for asking me to set this challenge.


craft mad Jenny said...

these are all fab - love the idea of stamping the rolled out fimo, may have to try that one...

Louby said...

Well done on being chosen as guest designer- can see why though. These are fab - love the grey and black theme. Looking makes me feel guilty as I have some jewellery making stuff but always stick to my card making these days.LOL
Louby x