Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Holiday Pics

So I've bored the family with my holiday pictures i thought i'd put some on here too!
Heres where we meet Mickey and Minnie in the town hall next to their houses. boy did we queue! Ollie loved meeting the characters and so did Laura not quite sure Jamie did, either that or he forgot how to smile for the camera!

We met up with my best friend and her family while we were there and this pic is of the boys after a bag of candy floss at Blizzard Beach. They had a great day playing together and spent ages in the wave pool which was just right for Ollie as he could touch the floor.
Meanwhile me Lynne and sarah were travelling down the lazy river when a snake dropped in to say hello!!! It wasn't poisonous though and the snake was put safely back into the bushes. Bit of a shock mind.

Ollie's favourite characters were Buzz and Woody and he was in awe when he met them! We spent most of this morning waiting to get on the Buzz ride and then after we came off Irealised I'd scarred my little boy for life.... I thought I would be able to have Ollie sitting on my knee for this ride but when we had got on they put a bar down to hold us all in and Ollie was sitting in the middle and couldn't reach the gun.... well competitive mum syndrome kicked in and i forgot ollie, had a wail of a time competing with competitive dad.... so when we got off Ollie cried "I don't like being in the middle!!" Shame faced we joined the queue to meet the characters... lol!!

And finally a picture of us all having a super yummy ice cream at Hollywood Studios. My favourite flavour was cookies and cream. Oreo cookies at morrisons here we come :0

Thanks for looking :) I need to go and prepare for my class tonight. i think I have 6 people coming!!!

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